Top Things to Know for Cambodia Backpacking
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Cambodia, Image of Cambodia
Cambodia, Image of Cambodia is one of Asia’s Top Destinations

Top things to know for Cambodia backpacking

In this article, I am going to share yours about another Southeast Asian country, Cambodia. This country has spectacular historic sites, amazing scenery, wildlife and culture enough to attract tourists from all over the world. Moreover, UNESCO’s world heritage site, the temples of Angkor is one of the unique things for which Cambodia backpacking is famous. This is an ideal destination for history lovers as well as budget backpackers. You can enjoy beaches, go for tracking or keep to explore the city, and options are unlimited. Let us find out what are the top things to know for Cambodia backpacking.

How to get Cambodia Visa?

To plan a Cambodia backpacking visa is required. The Cambodian government only exempted visa-free entry for citizens of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. The tourist from other countries must apply for a Tourist Visa in advance once they plan for Cambodia backpacking. Tourist visas are grated for a stay up to 30 Days. The cost of this visa is 30 USD. The best way to apply online for a tourist E-Visa is from the Ministry website.

How to reach Cambodia?

You can easily reach Cambodia by air. This country has an international airport very well connected with the Southeast Asian countries as well as globally. All of the major airlines are working in Cambodia. There are direct flights from Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore and other major Southeast Asian countries to Cambodia. Low-cost airlines like Air Asia are very popular as, Cambodia is a preferred choice for budget backpackers.

What is the best time to visit Cambodia?

Cambodia is a year-round destination where tourists visit to see and explore. However, the best time to visit Cambodia is between Jan and April. This time the weather remains pleasant and enjoyable. I remember I planned my Cambodia backpacking during the month of February.

What are the top things to see in Cambodia?

Angkor Wat

The topmost attraction for Cambodia backpacking is to visit the historic site of the Angkor Wat. The ruins of the ancient city of Angkor found here are over 1,000 years old. This historic site is located just at the north of Siem Reap. This historic site is marked by UNESCO as the world heritage site and popular among Cambodia backpackers around the world. Basically, this historic site used to be one where the Khmer Empire used to have their existence over 1000 years ago. Until date, this archaeological heritage site brings up a breathtaking view to the entire tourist visiting Cambodia.


This place is basically the centre of the Great City of Angkor Thom. In modern time, it forms the heart of the Angkor Complex. The beauty lies as the inner city is surrounded by a moat. The unique thing is at all the four cardinal points there are huge stone gates and causeways flanked by statues of gods and giants. This is definitely one among the top attractions to see during Cambodia backpacking.


This is another wonder to witness during your Cambodia backpacking. This famous archaeological site was constructed during the 12th and 13th century. This was constructed in 1186 AD where above 12500 people were estimated to live. There are archaeological carvings of Buddhism and Buddha images carved on the walls. It is no wonder that backpackers in search to explore the history and culture would spend hours on this amazing site. This is definitely to put on your to-do list during your Cambodia backpacking.


After exploring the great archaeological buildings now comes the turn to explore the lake. Tonlé Sap Lake is known to be the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. Just visit this site and enjoy the natural beauty and calmness of nature.

The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

Your Cambodia backpacking will remain incomplete unless you witness the royal palace and Silver Pagoda. This amazing architecture was constructed in 1866. Inside the building, there is notable architecture to witness. This was basically the king’s residence where once upon a time the king used to meet up with the monks. There are various legends and histories behind this amazing architecture, so I recommend taking a guide. They will take you through the entire history in detail, and that would be an enhancement in your knowledge basket.

Travel Tips for Cambodia Backpacking

In general, there is nothing to worry during your Cambodia backpacking, however, keep in mind below points:

 1.Carry Cash, preferably USD, as ATM or cards are not accepted everywhere.

2. Be careful when you plan to eat street foods. If you see locals around any stall selling street foods, go ahead and buy.

3. Try to learn a few local words, trust me, and it helped me a lot during my Cambodia backpacking!

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