Top Most Places to Visit in The Netherlands
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Netherlands port of Volendam
Netherlands port of Volendam

Top Most Places to Visit in The Netherlands


Netherland, a country that has always confused me with its name. by this what I mean is that the Netherlands is even known as Holland. However, at some point in my life, I use to think that these both are a different country. It might seem funny to some and it is. But for ages, this was what I thought.

Moving on to the Netherlands, it is a place where you will see traditions and innovation are blending in the same ratio. You will not only find artistic masterpieces rather a person can even enjoy the phenomenal nightlife as well.

I planned on visiting this sumptuous country because I wanted to explore all the traditional aspects of it. but little did I know that bonuses were waiting for me.

Being an art lover, I was only interested in in the magnificent architecture, historical spots, beautiful tulip fields, and romantic café. But you will always have to travel to learn more about a place. hence, this was the case with me.

I have already made a list of places I wanted to visit as I always do. On the other hand, I knew what I should be expecting from those places in the back of my mind. However, everything changed as I started my itinerary.

This blog is all about the places I have visited in the Netherlands and a true picture of what I have experienced. If you are in search of places to visit then this blog is going to be a great help for you. All you must do is stick on to the end and enjoy.

Here it is…


The Hague

The City of Hague in the Netherlands, Beautful
The City of Hague in the Netherlands, Beautful

Let’s start with a place that interests me the most. Hague is an extraordinary place to visit in this country. Mostly the art lovers first reach out for this cozy city. This place hosts many art exhibitions.

Due to its outlook and possession of art, this place is even known as the “Royal City” by the Dutch Royalty citizens. But apart from art and history in this royal city, I have even found a place to spend some time with my inner self.

However, it was along the North Sea. But if you think that it is just another historical town with all ancient infrastructures then you are wrong. The Hague has luxury departmental stores, shops, and even international art galleries as well.

On the other hand, Binnenhof which is the seat of the government of the Netherlands is even present in Hague and not in Amsterdam.



Rotterdam Terrraces at the canal Once a fishing village is now a buzzing city.
Rotterdam Terrraces at the canal Once a fishing village is now a buzzing city.

Once a fishing village is now a buzzing city. This amazing city is in Amsterdam which is the capital of the Netherlands. Whereas, this city has several historic districts and what attracted me the most was the Delfshaven district.

It is the district wherein 1629 century the pilgrims launched sail. It does not only end here. This city of Netherlands host summertime festivals and carnivals and during that time this place turns into a buzzing tourist sight.

The most fascinating part about this city is Erasmus’s bridge. It is a unique work of art. If you think that this city has nothing to do with art then you are wrong because many museums have artwork of Dali, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Bosch.



leiden Netherlands, Birds eye view of the city! This Place is Absolutely Beautiful
leiden Netherlands, Birds eye view of the city! This Place is Absolutely Beautiful

This city is a great place to spend some tranquil time. It is a picturesque city where there are tree line canal, wooden bridges, an old windmill, and a lush green park.

After roaming in the streets of the art-rich cities I thought of exploring a sumptuous city that spread tranquility in my mind. That is when I headed towards Leiden. According to my experience autumn is the best time to visit this city of the Netherlands and that is mainly due to the view.

On the other hand, I even admired Leiden because it has many museums. It created an opportunity for me to know about the history of the place.

However, if you are a nature lover then it is the gardens that you will attract you the most. This is the best part of the Netherlands that there is everything for everyone.



view of Amsterdam from the sky
view of Amsterdam from the sky

This blog would not justice if I do not take the pleasure of mentioning Amsterdam. I think that the Netherlands is completely incomplete without this marvelous city.

It is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destination. This city is a treat for the people who love partying all the time. If you keep aside the nightlife, then the most interesting part about this city is its buildings.

They are so marvelously built that staring at those feels so satisfying. On the other hand, this is the world-famous “Anne Frank House” and Rijksmuseum Museum which are an excellent place to explore.

To be honest, Amsterdam was not on my list but now I think that it would have been disappointing if I dint visit this sumptuous place.

Although, my itinerary to the Netherlands was not a long one I can surely tell that I have enjoyed every moment. For me, the Netherlands was not only a place where I have spent a reasonable amount of time rather it was an emotion.

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