Tips for Traveling With Young Children
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Going on vacation with family is an experience worth cherishing. However, you might be reluctant to take young kids along if you’re unsure about how well they’ll be able to cooperate. Whether it’s a lengthy car ride or dealing with the complexities of air travel, you need to know how to prepare for the different scenarios that could pop up. These tips will help make traveling easier for everyone.

Bring Entertainment

If you don’t want to hear a chorus of “are we there yet?” on repeat, you need to bring some sort of entertainment for your kids. Your best bet is having movies and television available for them to watch on a phone or tablet. If you’re flying, you need to have these pre-loaded so they can watch them on “airplane mode.” Siblings also need to be taught how to share and take turns if you aren’t able to give each of them their own devices.

Potty Training

Going on vacation with young kids who are still potty training is like playing a game on the hardest setting imaginable. Accidents are likely to happen, and they’re far harder to deal with than they would be at home. There are many advantages to bringing a travel potty on your road trip. They’re easy to transport and will do in a pinch if there aren’t any rest stops available. You should pack some diapers and/or training pants, especially if you’re going to be flying. Try to have them remind you about when they need to use the restroom as well.

Leave Early

Arriving at the airport at least a couple hours before takeoff is common sense, but you might need to make that three hours if you’re traveling with young children. Your kids are unlikely to grasp what needs to be done at the security line right away. Along with arriving extra-early, you should run your kids through the process, such as taking off their shoes and emptying their pockets. You should also make sure they’re paying attention to the best of their ability. Make it clear that you won’t tolerate any misbehavior and that just because they’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean they get permission to forget their manners.

Traveling can be tough for young children because they’re constantly looking for stimulation and time can go by slower for them. However, there are more ways than ever for them to access entertainment and stay occupied. These tips won’t guarantee that everything goes swimmingly, but they can definitely defuse tough moments.

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