The Worlds Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit!
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Relish the Calming Breeze, Gentle Nip of White Sand, and Wriggle Your Feet in the World’s Best Beaches


Beaches- A place to swim, sunbathe, dream, read, enjoy nature and enjoy a plethora of activities. Something is intriguing about the beaches that revive the senses.

Composed of around 71% water, 96.5 per cent of which is held in its seas and oceans, our planet is home to heaps of drop-dead stunning seashores.  From Thailand to Bora, South Africa to Turks and Caicos, know about the most wonderful stretches of sand and turquoise blue waters with the best beaches on this planet.


Let’s Get A Peek Into The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches:


Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Floating in an archipelago in the South Pacific, The French Polynesian isle of Bora Bora is an excellent tropical paradise. Encircled by the world’s most splendid turquoise clear and azure water, this island is home to white-sand seashores and beautiful sharp volcanic peaks.

Mayor’s beach is the most stunning public beach on Bora Bora. Here, the sand is fine and powdery. It is famous with local people at the end of the week. Sometimes a cruise ship makes it packed. The sunset over the splendid shiny water and the colorful sky is amazing and ought not to be skipped.

There are several other beaches in Bora Bora. On these, you will discover the island’s most elegant hotels, a significant number of which include the overwater villas that French Polynesia is most popular for. They were built on the nearby island of Ra’iatea.  Bora Bora is also a popular honeymoon destination.

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Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos
Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

Situated southeast of The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos is a gathering of nearly 40 islands that are a British Overseas territory. Grace Bay Beach, on its principal island of Providenciales, is one of the world’s most incredibly famous stretches of white sand. The sandy stretch runs in a half-bow shape for eight kilometers. It is backed by completely clear turquoise water, where one of the world’s greatest coral reef frameworks prospers simply offshore.

Grace Bay Beach is part of Princess Alexandra Marine Park. There are two brilliant spots for snorkeling that can be reached from the beach. The smith’s reef and Bight Reef are both loaded up with living coral and exotic fish, and you can follow marked snorkeling around them.

Additionally, watch out for JoJo. A wild bottlenose dolphin, he calls this territory his playground and has been known to interface with people swimming in the ocean. He’s been announced a national treasure on the island. He is an irreplaceable asset.

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Camps Bay

Camps Bay The water here is of the turquoise and emerald streaked assortment
Camps Bay The water here is of the turquoise and emerald streaked assortment

Simply a 10-minute drive from downtown Cape Town in South Africa, Camps Cove Seashore is essentially staggering with regards to landscape. The water here is of the turquoise and emerald streaked assortment, upheld by more obscure blues and reliant on the seasons, however, it is cold. During summers, the public seashore draws many sun admirers.

The beach is just lovely with unique scenery that cannot be found anywhere else on this planet. On one side, you see the sand and waves. On the other, the Apostles rock formation overshadows the coastline.

Camps bay is in reality only one of the various stunning seashores inside a 20-minute drive of Cape Town. The Clifton beaches are similarly well known and can be visited by getting down the steps from the road. However, these steps are steep.

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Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay Beach in Thailand! One of the most Amazing Places to visit!
Railay Beach in Thailand! One of the most Amazing Places to visit!

One of Thailand’s most excellent beaches, the ravishing Railay Seashore sits confined on a little peninsula that can be reached by long-tail boat – an excursion that is worth taking.

It is an adventure beach that is exceptionally well known for dynamic honeymooners and couples for its blend of romantic setting and adrenaline.

When you arrive at the beach, you will find shining, fine, delicate white sand, and a truly flawless turquoise lagoon, all encompassed by big limestone stone monoliths ( all through the water), dense canopy of jungles, caves and cliffs.

You can rock the climb or swim through underground caves to discover beautiful hidden lagoons. What’s more, there is likewise the ultra-luxury Rayavadee, which is the ideal spot to spend a couple of evenings of your trip.

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Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

Whitehaven Beach Queenland
Whitehaven Beach Queenland

Reliably evaluated as the best seashores in Australia and the world, Whitehaven Seashore is a marvel on an island off the Queensland coast at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is accessible only by seaplane, helicopter or boat. It presents seven kilometers of sparkling white silica sand with a background of azure blue water.

The beach is situated on Whitsunday Island, which is the biggest of the 74 islands that make up the gathering by a similar name. Move towards Hill Inlet, at the northern end of Whitehaven Seashore when the tides are changing for an Instagram-commendable photo-shoot. When the water moves the shades of blue changes and twirls around the sand. It is a mesmerizing sight. Tongue Point is another amazing area here.

A great many people access Whitehaven on a road trip from Airlie Seashore on the territory. The island can be reached through a ship, yacht, or powerboat. You will be thrilled to know that it is a part of many road trip itineraries from Airlie beach that may encompass swimming and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

Whitehaven is generally included as a stop on multi-day cruising charter trips. Airlie Seashore itself is an appropriate seashore town with various housing and eating alternatives.

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Bottom Lines

There is nothing more admirable part of nature in this world than the wonderful beaches. Swim in the clear blue water, relax under shady trees, enjoy the scenic sunset and revive your taste buds with exotic cuisines. The thrilling activities are unlimited!

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