The Travel To Dubai Desert Safari
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  • Post published:20/06/2021
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beautiful-dubai-city-Dubai lies in the heart of the Arabian Desert
beautiful-dubai-city-Dubai lies in the heart of the Arabian Desert

Dubai Desert Safari


Dubai is not unknown to the world for much magnificent creation and unique architecture. Burj Khalifa stands tall as one of that marvelous creation. People travel to Dubai and explore the city’s extraordinary beauty to see all majestic man-made architecture. Dubai Tourism is on a booming phase and every year the number of visitors travelling to Dubai is growing. Out of the entire city attractions, one must not forget that Dubai lies in the heart of the Arabian Desert. It means Camels, Safaris and unlimited entertainment. I heard many times about Dubai Desert Safari from my friends who experienced it. Whenever I asked them how was their experience, they replied with a “Wow.” On my last business trip to Singapore, I decided to travel back via an en-route Dubai to enjoy the Dubai Desert Safari. I carry some pleasant, thrilling and unforgettable experience about Dubai Desert Safari. This article is about the unique experience that I had during my Dubai Visit.


I travelled back in the luxurious flight of Emirates and landed to the Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai. Right from the airport the feeling was sensational. The hostile environment and the luxury of the city always hypnotized me. I love to stay in nice hotels and booked IBS Dubai for a comfortable stay. The whole idea for my 48-hours transit was to experience the Dubai Desert Safari. People say that Dubai Desert Safari remains the world’s best Desert Safari. It was my time to experience it, and I was restlessly waiting for the opportunity. I purchased Dubai Desert Safari Tickets and prepared myself to experience the amazing safari ride.


I was picked up from the hotel around 3 pm for my life’s best Bone Voyage, Dubai Desert Safari. It took around 45 minutes to reach the destination pick-up point for the Dubai Desert Safari. I was transferred to another vehicle, a special 4×4 jeep having a strong grasp on the sand. I had four fellow travelers with me, and everyone was equally excited for the ride. This special activity is called Dune Bashing. The vehicle moved through the heaps of sand with leaps and bounces. The feeling was like falling down from the top of a mountain cliff. The ride continued for around 30 minutes through the vast Arabian Desert until we reached to the Bedouin Camp. The following evening has many attractive programs including the special Arabic Belly Dance. The atmosphere was absolutely electrifying, and the food was mouth-watering. The large extravagant buffet dinner included many mouth-watering food items, both veg and non-veg. There was special traditional Arabic food as well as liken Chicken Shawarma, Mandi Rice, etc. Each item was mouth-watering and full of appetite.

It was around 10 PM the entire program finished and our driver came back to pick me up for the hotel. I returned and that night dreamed about the most exotic safari experience I have had in my life. On my next visit, I planned to stay overnight at the Dubai Desert to enjoy the overnight Dubai Desert Safari.

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