The Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse in Augustine Florida
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St Augustine, Florida Light House is The Oldest City in USA
St Augustine, Florida Light House is The Oldest City in USA

St. Augustine Lighthouse in Augustine Florida


St. Augustine is the oldest city of America, and there is no doubt in the fact that this place has so much history for paranormal activities that have been happening here for years. There are many haunted places in St. Augustine that one can even write a book on bone-chilling horror stories. While some stories are merely just stories, there are many connected to a place or a person with a proven history behind them. One such haunted place is St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida.

You might get blown away with the beautiful views you witness from the top of the Lighthouse in the daytime, but the night time, on the contrary, is scary. Even if you’ve not heard about it before, let us tell you that there are rumors of scary things happening in and around the Lighthouse. If you decide on taking the night tour, you might witness any paranormal activity yourself.


History of St. Augustine Lighthouse in Augustine

In 1589, the watchtowers were constructed by the Spanish crown to keep the enemies away from invading Anastasia Island. The watchtower that was erected at the north end of Anastasia Island was named as St. Augustine Lighthouse. By 1737, the construction was replaced with a new 30 feet high tower made of wood and shell rock. After many years, the government noticed that the tower is weak enough to fall into the ocean. Therefore, they approved funding for a new lighthouse, but that too caught fire for unknown reasons. The Junior Service League took the initiative to restore the tower and open a museum there. The restoration was finished in 1990, and finally, a museum was opened in 1994.


The Haunting Stories of St. Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine Light House The Lighthouse has been standing in its current location for hundreds of years
St Augustine Light House The Lighthouse has been standing in its current location for hundreds of years

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is undoubtedly one of the most haunted places in the city. The Lighthouse has been standing in its current location for hundreds of years, and unfortunately, many lives have been lost since then.


The Story of Three Children

After the construction of the Lighthouse began in 1971, a man named Hezekiah was in charge of the work. While on site, he allowed his kids to play with the cart that ran between Lighthouse and the ocean with the supplies. In 1873, Hezekiah’s life turned upside down when his eldest children were drowned when the cart tumbled over into the sea. As per few sources, his third child was also killed on the spot. According to the workers of the Lighthouse, the spirits of those children still roam around the Lighthouse. Some even mentioned that their laughter can be head around the stairwell. Some tour guides also reported haunted encounters where they were touched by invisible spirits while showing the Lighthouse to the visitors.


Spirits of the Keepers of Lighthouse

After the death of the Lighthouse’s keeper Peter Rasmussen, many people reported that the smell of his cigar is still there as if his spirit is wandering around them. Others have heard the voice of another keep named Joseph Andreu, who died a century ago. He met a tragic death by falling while he was painting the tower from outside. Some believe that like others, his spirit never left the tower, and the visitor can feel him around, especially at night.


Story of Thirteen Pirates

In another event, about 13 pirates lost their lives in an incident and are buried behind the Lighthouse. Visitors who specifically went there for ghost hunting have been reported saying that they could feel several things at once, including the shadow of a tall man, children laughing, men whispering, and what not. It is believed that the area which was used to rest the dead, the spirits roam around the place, and they make visitors feel their presence in one way or another.


Other Scary Events

Some events cannot be explained in words but can only be felt. The staff members casually describe their encounters with the spirits. Some of them reported that as they lock the door of the top of the tower every night when they return the next morning, the door is often open. They have never been able to find out the reason behind this incident that often happens. They have also reported about the missing chairs or the belongings of the lighthouse places in the wrong position. The owner of the gift shop at the Lighthouse also explained about the things that were either moved or missing. Though the stuff is not disappeared for long, they always find it later. Another thing that they noticed inside the gift shop is; the music boxes start playing on their own without someone touching them.

Some people mentioned the extreme cold they feel all of a sudden and also a shadow of a tall man who appears out of nowhere and then disappears.


Tour of St. Augustine Lighthouse

Living Quarters inside of St Augustine Florida's Lighthouse
Living Quarters inside of St Augustine Florida’s Lighthouse

The museum offers several excursions to the visitors depending on their budget and choices. Below are some of the tour options you can avail while visiting St. Augustine Lighthouse.


Ghost Tour

The Ghost Tour, also known as “The Dark of the Moon” tour, is the most popular one among tourists. There are two options that the Lighthouse offers under ghost tour:

     •    Guided Tour: This tour allows you to enjoy 1.5 to 2 hours of guided visit  through the Lighthouse. Your guide with a glow stick in his hand will share all the tales with you while you roam around this historic tower in the dark. These tours are available all year round from Friday to Sunday. The tour will cost you $25 per person.

    •    Self Tour: This tour doesn’t provide you any guide. Instead, it lets you explore the Lighthouse on your own. Though this option is a lot more fun than the other one, it is recommended to visit with the guide, especially if you’re not that brave to handle all the paranormal activities happening around you (if).


Private Ghost Tours

If you are traveling in groups and don’t want to merge in the crowds, then you should avail a private tour. This tour is perfect for those who want to throw a spooky birthday party or for any other celebration. As this tour is customized, you must call 904-829-0745 for your reservations and ticket information.


Lighthouse Keeper’s Tour

This tour is one of its kind that will give you an insight into the Lighthouse and its history in detail. A personal one-hour long tour with St. Augustine Lighthouse’s current keeper will let you climb the tower and know about the spooky stories and the lives of the keepers both in past and present. This tour is offered only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 am and Thursdays at 4 pm. For price and booking, please call at 904-829-0745.


St. Augustine Lighthouse Side Quest

This tour is specifically for groups of friends or families who want to have fun together by playing games to solve mysteries. This is an hour’s adventure on the grounds of Lighthouse. The ticket for this tour is $19.95 for adults and $17.95 for children. For a discount, you can buy a combo ticket and visit the museum and climb the Lighthouse in one go. Opening hours for side quest are from Friday to Sunday at 6 pm.


Sunset Moonrise

It is another surreal experience that is the best among the others. Witness the sun going down and moon rising from the Atlantic Horizon from the top of the lighthouse tower while sipping on a glass of complimentary champagne from San Sebastian Wintery and the Reef Restaurant. This tour is often booked out, so make sure to book in advance if you don’t want to miss this adventure. Click here for the dates available and reservations.

Note: For sunset moonrise tour, your id will be required.


Sunrise and Lens Room Tour

Take a closer look at the 9 feet tall Fresnel Lens of the tower that is featuring over 350 handmade glass prisms and has been shining on the 165 feet tower for over 140 years. Due to the utmost importance and historical value the lens holds, people are allowed to view it from a window located below the lens room. For this specific tour, you can make reservations by calling at 904-829-0745.


Customize Your Experience

Are you looking for something that is not offered in the tour? Don’t you worry. The Lighthouse allows you to customize your journey and chose what you want to do and see there. It may include a private dinner inside the tower, enjoying the sun rising from the top of the tower, or behind the scenes tour. If you are traveling in a group of family or friends, call at 904-829-0745 and plan your journey right now!

Whether you are after haunting stories or not, the St. Augustine Lighthouse is an extraordinary place that should be added on your bucket list. The tower is not only famous for its horror encounters but also for its breathtaking setting. We hope that you have an experience of your lifetime here (not the horror one though lol).


Enjoy your journey. 


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