The Fantastic Story of Ancient Pyramids!
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Sphinx And Egyptian Pyramid Picture of Egypt
Sphinx And Egyptian Pyramid Picture of Egypt

The fantastic story of Ancient Pyramids!


When it comes to deciding the place to travel, people generally think of going to some beautiful places to admire nature or to spread love. Some want to go to a place to do some adventure, but apart from all these, many people in our country think that knowing the hidden stories of different areas will be more enjoyable. Therefore, if you are also looking to find out the best place to know the interesting dark stories, then pyramids are the best choice. There are many pyramids at various locations where different stories were hidden from thousands of years. Knowing those stories and having a beautiful journey at those places will make you feel elated.

Here we are going to discuss three pyramids where one can visit:


1. Pyramids of Giza on the outskirts of Cairo!

egypt pyramids of giza great pyramid with tomb of senegemib inti in front
egypt pyramids of giza great pyramid with tomb of senegemib inti in front

It is the most famous and popular tourist place where tourists visit to know the hidden stories of the site. Many people think that the pyramids are the epitome of Ancient Egypt. But those who want to learn about history and want to attain the theoretical knowledge to evoke endless debate to discuss. Standing there and clicking a photograph is very effortless, but the structuring done is beyond the imagination of anyone. How were these pyramids made? It is a difficult question as even many historians had given the answers, but no perfect solution was given. Therefore, we suggest visiting a beautiful place to experience the beauty.


2. At South of Giza- Necropolis of Saqqara

Zhoser's Step Pyramid The kings were buried in the 11 pyramids, and the most fantastic tomb was Zhoser's Step Pyramid
Zhoser’s Step Pyramid The kings were buried in the 11 pyramids, and the most fantastic tomb was Zhoser’s Step Pyramid

The biggest and beautiful pyramid is located at the edge of the Western Desert. Many tourists visit the place to know about the mysterious history of the site and the elegant living style of the people living there. The total area that pyramids covers is 7 x 1.5 kilometers. The kings were buried in the 11 pyramids, and the most fantastic tomb was Zhoser’s Step Pyramid. The length of the monument is 62 meters that are quite enough. The undergo part of the pyramid, known as Serapeum, contains enormous granite. Therefore, visiting the most beautiful place to admire the beauty and to know history is the best choice.


3. The royal necropolis- Dahshur!

The Red Pyramid of Egypt
The Red Pyramid of Egypt

This place consists of the most amazing and most impressive pyramids of Egypt. In the 4th and the 12th dynasty, the two most amazing monuments got longer life. The two tombs are known as the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. The Red Pyramid was the first pyramid of Egypt, and the Bent Pyramid had left an impact on the history of Egypt. The bent pyramid is the result of the uneven distribution of weight and unstable base. The structuring of the monument is a little different, but the way it was created is fantastic, and hence people encourage beauty.


Why tourists choose the Pyramids of Giza to visit?

There are different reasons because of which people choose Giza as the best place to experience the beauty of pyramids. Many people go there to know about ancient history. Some go to see the structuring and the base of the pyramid.
Even, some of the tourists who love to write about the history visit there to collect data. There visit worth experiencing the place and by knowing all the necessary details about the site. Some even love to go to Egypt to see the culture of the beautiful country and add a one day tour to Pyramids of Giza in their itinerary.


Why hiring an escort is necessary while going for a Pyramid tour?

Escorts are necessary while going for a Pyramid tour of Giza because these are situated in the vast deserts. Therefore, if you are not aware of the place, there are many chances that you could stick to a problem. Therefore, to avoid any tribulation in your tour, it is essential to hire an escort. The escort will take you to the place, will guide you about the way, and will take you back after telling the history of those pyramids.


Coming to an end:

We can say that thousands of people in many countries love to travel to explore new places. But finding the best way to travel becomes difficult if you are not aware of the surroundings or when you don’t about the site. Therefore, we always suggest our travelers go and hire a travel agent or the escort to make your journey most beautiful. Escorts will help you to take you to the places you want to see. Therefore, one can plan their tour accordingly in the best possible way.

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