The Best Places To Eat In Australia
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Image of Sydney Australia Front is the Sydney Opera House
Image of Sydney Australia Front is the Sydney Opera House!

The Best Places To Eat In Australia


The most fascinating thing about travelling to new places is food. You can deny it, but at the end of the day you will end up in some restaurant to check on the best local foods. See? Now we are in agreement, so let’s take off. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you can’t find the best restaurant with the best food in a new place? Well, it happens, you are not alone; many of us have been in that spot too. This is the reason why you have to check out all available information about eating points before you start your journey. Well, today am flying you out directly to the very best destination everyone is yearning to go, guess where? Australia! So just relax and I will take you through the best of the best places you can enjoy your food in Australia;


The Grand Pavilion of Australia
The Grand Pavilion of Australia

1. The Grand Pavilion

This is one of the very best restaurants in Sydney, Australia, this is the destination worth stopping by to take your meals, the restaurant has excellent food with varieties ranging from Australian food to Indian foods and those who are vegetarians are also covered. What about the services? Don’t even mention it, superb reception from the very entrance to the inside. The food here is very tasty and of good value, and the very best thing here is the atmosphere, you get to enjoy the nice views of nature as you enjoy your food. So do you like luxury? Well, this is your final destination then, because this place is quite luxurious.


2. The Blue Fish

Blue fish is another supper restaurant in Australia whose price is moderate compared to other hotels. It is the best hotel dealing with seafood, apart from that this hotel has all kinds of food from all over the world, be it Indian food, Canadian, international among other very many varieties of food. You can never forget the service that is given in this hotel if you ever visited here, the attendants are very caring and very friendly, and it is really a nice place to be.


Australia's Six Penny Restuarant!
Australia’s Six Penny Restaurant! Small but very Hospitable!

3. Six penny 

This is one amazing restaurant with a good track record, it won certificate of excellence from 2015 to 2019 this restaurant is just superb, from the kind of food they offer, furthermore they have a very unique way of presenting their food. Their receptionists are very welcoming, you can always feel at home when you reach the entrance of the restaurant, at sixpenny there is every kind of food from quite a lot of different places in the world. The environment in which this restaurant sits in is quite conducive, it will give you appetite even if you dint have it.


4. LuMi Bar & Dining

The food offered include, Italian, Australian, vegetarian friendly among other very many varieties. They have the greatest environment that are good for dates or family dinners, hold parties and other events, I mean this place carries all the fun in the world, the reception is quite good and respectful. The services aren’t just money –motivated, you can see passion of work in everyone who comes around to serve you.


5. Farmhouse kings cross

The restaurant offers a very unique variety of food that is quite delicious, the place is quite affordable. If you just feel you are not going to the most expensive luxurious hotel but get the very same services and food then farmhouse kings cross is the place for you. They set menu with five courses, with very high quality food seasoning in materials. The restaurant has a quite unique way of sitting which makes it fun. Maybe not so good for dates but it is a very good place for having fun especially if you are visiting Australia for the first time.


The do’s and the don’ts in Australia

The dos are the things that you need to do or observe while you are in Australia while the don’ts are the things you should not do while you are in Australia. In Australia the rules are very strict and are followed strictly so you should observe what you should do or not do.


The do’s

1. Understand the traffic rules-the traffic rules in Australia are very strict and you can get very serious penalties hence you should first know them and keep them for instance if you go at a speed that. There are cameras on the roads to monitor what is going on so don’t be deceived.

2. Don’t cross the road unless the statue turns green-on Australian roads there is always a statue of a man put at every crossroad , never cross the road unless the statue man has turned green, there is a very serious penalty attached to that.

3. Always carry your identification documents-you will need to carry your identification details when you go to clubs or drinks.

4. Do change money from only authorized agents , only do that from either banks or airport

5. Always put on safety belt when travelling in public or even private cars.

6. Always carry with you some emergency numbers just in case you can’t find yourself back from where you left you can call your embassy


The don’ts

1. Don’t smoke or eat in public buildings or public vehicles, it is prohibited and it is highly punishable.

2. Don’t blow your nose in public , this is against their social standards

3. When you go swimming do not swim beyond the red and yellow flags put in water because they are the boundaries of safe areas to swim

4. Don’t hire a vehicle from dealers who don’t have a license to do so, always ask if they have a license.

5. Dont try to enter with prohibited goods especially at the airport.


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