Take A Vacation To Greece and Explore The History!
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corfu-greece, Discover The History of Greece! Everyones Dream and Is The Top Place To Take A Vacation!
corfu-greece, Discover The History of Greece! Everyones Dream and Is The Top Place To Take A Vacation!

Interesting Facts About Greece

We enjoy its food and relish their festivals, but what do we really know about the magnificent European country of Greece? If you have not yet visited Greece, you should definitely put this into your travel list. Since I started my traveling, like many others I was even fascinated by the stories and fable of Greece. As well as the history and cultural aspect of this splendid country.

When it comes to tourism, Greece is the most popular country. The heart and capital city of this country is Athens. On the other hand, 40% of the people live in this city. Athens is known as a vibrate, colorful and dynamic city. Whereas, it rests on the top ten list of best European destination every year.

If your next travel destination is Greece, then there are some facts that you should not miss knowing.

Here you go!!

World’s First Democracy

Greece is not only known for its beauty but even for its government system. It is the first country in the world that has changed the system of rule. The existence of the Athenian government date back to the fifth century B.C.

During that era, the citizens who availed the ability to vote directly voted on executive bills and legislation. Never the less, this opportunity was not open for every resident in the country.  Women and slave were not allowed to vote. It was only the adults and the male citizen who could utilize this opportunity.

Sunny Greece

Tanning is the latest talk of the town now. We all are behind getting tanned under the scorching sun. There are even group of people who visit the parlor and saunas just to be a shade darker. But did you know that it is very easily possible in Greece?

The whole country of Greece experiences more than 250 days of sun. Therefore, if we do the math, it has 3000 sunny hours in a year. The most amazing fact about Greece is that there are some islands where you will find 300 days of sun in a year. So if you are someone who prefers to get tanned then go for Greece.

Land of 2000 Islands

Peace and serenity is in the land nearby water. If you are in the scarcity of reasons to visit Greece, then this can be the ONE. There are people who prefer water before land, Greece is a perfect destination for them.

It is here, where you will find more than 2000 islands. Yes, it is a big number. On the contradictory, among these 2000 islands, you can only visit 170 of them. But don’t be disappointed as this number is too large for any traveler.

Place Where Most People Live  

Athens it is. 40% of the total population in Greece lives in Athens. This the most densely populated city in Greece. It is common during the summer season that you will find Greeks working in the islands.

But other than that their permanent residence in Athens. There is even another city on Greece named Thessalonikki, where you will even find Greeks in a large number but it is less compared to Athens.

A Place with The Longest Lifespan 

Most of us dream of a health and a long life. If you even share the same dream, then go to Ikaria. Scientists have named this city as “blue zone”

The reason being, people living here have the longest lifespan. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy pack your bags and discover the secret that lies in this wonderful city in Greece.

Richest Variety of Wildlife.

What do you do when you desire to see wildlife? The obvious answer is we go to the zoo. But did you know that Greece has the richest variety of wildlife in Europe?

Yes, there are 116 species of mammal, 107 species of reptile, 204 species of birds and 18 species of amphibians. There are tourists who visit Greece only for the reason of discovering these wide ranges of species.

Oldest Written Language

The English that we talk and write today are highly influenced by the Greek language. But this is not only the case with English, but there are also many other languages too which have Greek influence in them.

It has been 5000 years since the Greek language is been continuously used. It is not only an ancient language but a unique language too. This language still exists and has an evergreen history attached to it.

Greece Wasn’t Greece

One of the interesting facts about Greece is that “Greece wasn’t named Greece”. Yes, this is right. The name of this beautiful nation was the Hellenic Republic.

 It was even called Hellas. With the flow of time, the name of this country changed but every other thing remained the same.

Olives Are Here

Pizza looks incomplete without olives in it. But where do these olives come from? It is Greece. The largest producer of olive in the world.

Most of the local restaurants in Greece will serve you olive at the end of your meals. This is a way of showing gratitude in the Greek culture. Therefore, if you are in love with olives then visit Greece once in your lifetime.

These are the most interesting facts about Greece that you must know. Greek is not just a country that is filled with beauty but it is a land of history. Greece looks more beautiful during the summers than in winters. So plan your trip to Greece when its summer because it’s the time when not only the sun will shine bright but even Greece will welcome you with a sunny face.

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