Riding One Of the World’s Fastest Bullet Trains.
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On Going Bullet Trains of Japan This is an unmissable experience for any traveler.
On Going Bullet Trains of Japan This is an unmissable experience for any traveler.

My unique experience in Japan: Riding one of the world’s fastest bullet trains.


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Shall we start rolling? Why not!


Wonders of the World: Part I — world’s Fastest Bullet Trains — My Trip to Japan

Have you ever travelled in Bullet Trains? If not, make sure you do travel before the end of 2019. This is an unmissable experience for any traveler. Bullet train manufacturers are less in the world. The reason is, these kinds of train manufacturing require exceptional skill and technology. The Japanese multinational company, Hitachi Corporation is one of the pioneers in this field. You can include the experience of travelling in a High-speed Train as you marvel around Europe, Asia or the USA. I’ll share with you a small and exciting encounter of mine that I have while travelling in a high-speed bullet train for the first time in Japan.

Last Christmas, I got the legacy to visit Japan and ride one of the world’s fastest bullet train running over there. Do you want to know where you can find these high-speed bullet trains? Read my next article – Where to find the World’s best bullet trains? It is the Hokuriku Shinkansen E7 bullet train in Japan. It runs at a top speed of over 275 kilometers per hour. It is a twelve car train with active suspension in the Gran Class and semi-active in the other cars. I prefer travelling by Public Transport, and that’s one of my Secret for cheap travel. I boarded this train from Tokyo, Japan. The train whistled passed by the city’s tallest skyscrapers. It connects all the major tourist spot in the city. I purchased a JR East Pass online and enjoy an amazing time.

I don’t have words to emphasis on my travel experience. It is just like a dream travelling on a Bullet Train. If you are planning to visit any destination around the world, make sure you include a Bullet-train ride as an activity. Want to know which places to travel to enjoy a Bullet Train ride? My Wonders of the World – Part II blog post will speak about that.

Until then, it’s Lonely Stone signing off to see you back soon!

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