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czheck republic, what some of the city looks like and its beautiful!
Czheck Republic, what part of the city looks like and its Beautiful! Plan a Trip to Czheck Republic!
czheck republic, what some of the city looks like and its beautiful!
Czheck Republic, what part of the city looks like and its Beautiful! Plan a Trip to Czheck Republic!

Places Worth Visiting in The Czech Republic
There is a nation in Central Europe, where you will find numerous castle. These castles will not only satisfy your eyes but they will even tell you many untold stories. Yes, the intro might seem a bit dramatic to you but the country that we are now going to explore is nothing but a beautiful storyteller by itself.
Call it the Czech Republic or Czechia, this nation has beauty in its land. It is located in central Europe and consists the historical provinces of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. It is sometimes even addressed as “Czech Land” because of these historical provinces.
The Czech Republic is one of the smallest nations in the continent of Europe, but this tiny nation has a lot to offer you. Starting from the easy transit system to the incredible locations, this country is all that you need for your upcoming vacation.
Here are some of the amazing locations that you will not want to miss.
Prague Castle
Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Many travelers consider Prague castle as the center of focus in their whole trip. But what is so special about this castle? This incredible castle dates back from the late 10th century and whereas, this place holds long history inside it.
Prague castle has been the home to The Holy Roman Emperors, The Habsburgs, and The Bohemian Kings. It was even the residence of the president of the Czech Republic. On the other hand, this castle is the world’s largest castle in terms of area.
This castle of history has undergone many changes, especially in the architectural style. In recent years, many buildings are being constructed within the main walls of this castle. While you enter the castle you will be mesmerized by the beauty of St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, The Golden Lane and the Powder Tower.
The architectural design of this castle will take you back to the medieval times. But the most intriguing among all these is the Vladislav Hall of Old Royal Palace. This hall is so large that knightly jousting tournaments can be held there.
Prague’s Charles Bridge
Charles bridge of Prague is one of the important places that you must visit when you are in the Czech Republic. This bridge was built in the year 1357 over the River Vltava. The most interesting part about this bridge is that it is about 520 meters long.
Not only this, you will even find many statues on it. When I was walking through the Charles Bridge I was intrigued by the fine detailing on the statues. Whereas you will be amazed to know that these statues are of some famous personalities from the history.
Among those, one is the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI. I could even find the statue of John of Nepomuk, who was a famous saint in 1680. But this saint had a sad ending of his life as he was forcefully drowned in the River Vltava.
Tourists and photographers are mostly attracted to this place because of its view. But my advice is to visit this place during the off-peak hour. It is mostly during this time when you will find the best view of the bridge and crowd-free surroundings.
Českỳ Krumlov Castle
The Czech Republic is one among those places where you will find castle inside the castle. This is even the case with Českỳ Krumlov Castle, this castle has many other castles inside it. This majestic castle is named after an old town and was built during the 13th century.
This castle was not so enchanting back in the 13th century, but there were many improvements done to it in the 17th century. Therefore, most of what exists today is the result of the developments made during the 17th century.
Within the castle, you will find Rosenberg Ballroom, the Royal Apartment, the Renaissance Hall and Chapel of St. George. You can even enjoy special performances held in the Baroque Theater of this castle. This theater was built in the year 1682.
If you are someone who is inclined towards art, then the castle is the right place for you. It even has a historic collection of painting and tapestries in its every corridor. There are about 40 buildings in addition to beautiful palaces, gardens and castle courts. You can surely spend several days wondering in this Českỳ Krumlov Castle.
Spectacular Libraries in Prague
Prague is the perfect place for readers. It is where the reader will discover their peace of mind and it is here where you will find the oldest libraries in Europe. The Clementinum and Strahov are the national libraries of Czech Republic.
On the other hand, they are even the largest libraries that the Czech Republic has. Clementinum is located in the center of Prague and it is just a few steps away from the Charles Bridge. So while you plan on visiting the libraries do not forget to take some pictures on the long lane of the Charles Bridge.
Everything about these libraries is extravagant, starting from the building to the ceilings. The Baroque Building in which the libraries are situated is one among the largest building in Europe. And when it comes to the library hall, it is well known for the breathtaking ceilings.
You will be amazed to know that these spectacular libraries even have an Astronomical tower. Therefore, it is even possible for you to experience the presence of celestial bodies as well. These libraries even consist of many manuscripts and 1200 years old Strahov Gospel.
If you are in search of a place which you can travel in quite a few days, then the Czech Republic is the best option for you. It will not only provide you will the sense of fulfillment but even enhance your brains with enormous knowledge about the history of the world. This small nation in central Europe is a place that you must discover for yourself. Not only did the marvelous places attract me but even the history refreshed my mind. So pack your bags and set off for a voyage to the land where history has its own dominance and beauty is in its full shades.
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