How to Travel The World After Graduation With Little Money?
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  • Post published:20/10/2021
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Traveling after Graduation guide with little money!
Traveling after Graduation guide with little money!

How to Travel The World After Graduation With Little Money?


You surely must have waited for this time for ages and now it has arrived. You have donned your cap and gown and flipped your tassel. Finally, it is your time to explore the world now. End of the university has quite a different feeling attached to it, it is the time when you feel free as a bird and where there is no pressure of accomplishing any task.

“But can I afford my travel itinerary all by myself?”  This is a question that lingers in the minds of many graduate students. We all know that traveling requires money but don’t be disheartened as we are here for you. There are solutions to every problem, and there are ways of traveling the world after graduation without breaking the banks.

Moreover, this guide will aid you in providing different ideas and tips to travel the world after graduation with little money


Here you go!!!


Wait for The Right Time

Yes, you might have waited for years to kick start your expedition but a little more patience will help you in many ways. The price of airplane tickets and hotel room are not the same all year long. The price differs from one month to another, so plan your trip on those times when the charges are low so that you can save a good amount of money.

However, the idea travel time differs from one place to another. But don’t worry this can be sorted out. For instance, a trip to China during January and February can be very pricey. On the other hand, this is a perfect time to travel to Europe. Therefore, explore the European countries first then head on to the other side of the world when the time is right.


Work Abroad

There are many ways of satisfying the wanderlust and working abroad is one of them. A seasonal job in abroad is the best option that will help you in exploring the new lands. On the other hand, you will even have a resume that will show your experience dealing with different culture and diversities.

There are a handful of companies that hire people from outside of their country and provide them a good amount of salary according to the work. This is a good way to travel and even earn money.


Teaching English

The world is in need of good teachers and you can be one of them. But what does traveling have to do with this? You can teach people and travel at the same time. Teach English overseas and you can make a lot of money out of it.

Nowadays, teaching is a job that is in high demands, and all that you need to have is the ability to speak English and a TEFL degree. Moreover, there are even a few companies in Asia who even pay for your air tickets as well. So now imagine how inexpensive it is to travel to the new lands.


Cook Your Own Food

While traveling with little money, you need to set one thing in mind and that is the “notion of sacrifice”. It is very tempting to head towards a restaurant and order a variety of dishes but doing that will harm your pockets drastically. Therefore, cook your own meals as they will be a kitchen in every guesthouse, hostels and camp sides.

“But what if there is no kitchen?” Remember that not every meal requires a stove, so carry containers with you so that you can at least prepare salad and sandwiches for yourself. Don’t assume that traveling also means eating out as it will not matter at all in the end. Traveling is all about exploring rather than stuffing yourself with food.


Travel Like the Locals

“When in Rome, be like the Romans”, this is a perfect saying when you are on a trip with little money. Transportation has a major role to play in any travel and it is very important to know about the modes of transport when you are heading towards an unknown country.

However, a common fact around the world is that public transports are cheaper than private transports. To be more precise the fare of buses and trains are much cheaper than taxis. So, when you are on your trip after graduation with little money, it is better to go for local transports than hiring a taxi.

Traveling through public transports will be inexpensive as well as you can even communicate with the locals and know more about their own country. It will always be a win – win situation.


Free Walking Tour

You won’t have to pay for your walking tours. All you need to do is gear up yourself and set off for the major sightseeing spots. More than 90% of the cities in Europe can be explored by walking.

On the other hand, the case is even the same as the Asian cities. You can ask the local tourist office or hotel staffs to find out tours of this type. But the best option is to google search to get accurate information.


Discount Offers

There are a plethora of discounts offers that you can avail on your tour. There are 50 percent discount on hotels rooms, sightseeing and tour if you are a student. Yes, I know you have just graduated but there are possibilities that you can still use your expired student ID card if the expire date is not mentioned. Always remember to ask for discount offer availabilities as it is an easy way to save money and also to travel in an inexpensive way.


Traveling is all about exploring the unknown lands. As education is an important part of our life so is traveling. It is sometimes assumed that traveling after graduation is a very hard task to execute but this is not the truth. Traveling is never hard as long as you are determined to travel.

No matter how long the tour is, whether it is two weeks, two months or two years every tour itinerary does not require a huge sum of money. However, it is only the mindset and nontraditional ways that can help you in exploring the world after graduation will little money.

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