How to Make sure you can charge your gadgets while travelling
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  • Post published:14/06/2021
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Keeping your Gadgets Charged while Traveling
Keeping your Gadgets Charged while Traveling

How to make sure you can charge your gadgets while travelling: Cellphone, laptops, etc.


Hello Everyone! I am sure all of you who are reading my blogs regularly loves travelling, is that correct? I don’t doubt it. This world is so beautiful with so many places to tour and visits. When you get an opportunity to travel around and explore them, why will you not go? Also, there are ways to travel around for free. If you read my e-book, how to travel the world for free you will find several ways to explore the world. It means money cannot stop you any more to compromise with your dreams.


All you need is to plan a list of your Bone Voyage destinations and Get, Set, Go! It’s like hiking on the top of Alps or diving in the Caribbean or spending a romantic evening cruise on the river Danube. All these are your treasure-trove of experiences that you would love to lock inside your travel memories, smartphones and other gadgets. Well, what happens if your favorite gadget drains out of charge? You might be live on your favorite social networking site or sharing some instant clicks to show the world how it looks from the top of Table Mountain. What will you do?


Don’t worry! This is a common problem that you might encounter when you are out for travelling. I know you are pretty excited! It is important to pack your favourite gears along with you that will safeguard you out from this situation. Sometimes it happens because of utter excitement, and we forget to pack them. It will, therefore, land you in a situation of Inconvenience. Let me tell you how to make sure that you can charge your gadgets while travelling like Cellphone, laptops, etc.


There are tons of products available in the market. You need being mindful before buying them. Firstly, check which country you are visiting. If you are visiting any country in the Asian Sub-Continent, make sure to carry a Type C, D, E, F and M power plug travel adaptor. Most of the hotels have these types of plug points. To make sure you can charge your gadget adequately, pack this small gadget along with you.


Another important gadget you must carry with you is a mobile power bank. This is one of the most simple gadgets which acts as a saviour in case your mobile or iPad’s battery gets drained out. There are available in various sizes and battery capacity. However, make sure to carry a power bank with a rated power of less than 100Wh. In case you have a power bank more than 100Wh rated power, you need the carrier’s approval before you can carry. Also, make sure your power bank comes with a c-type charging point and should be able to charge multiple devices. If you browse online, you must find hundreds of such certified power banks, so buy the one you like and enjoy your trip worry-free.


These are some of the simple life-hacks I mentioned unlocking them from my travel experience. I am sure, you will prepare a list of essential gears needed for backpacking or wait to read my e-book which I am currently writing on this subject.

Until then, tada! From Lonely Stone – The wanderer traveler

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