How a Criminal Conviction Can Ruin Your Travel Plans
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  • Post published:09/05/2021
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After a long winter and an even longer year due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the travel bug is hitting everyone stronger than usual. Whether it is spring break or planning your summer vacation, there are lots of exciting places to discover. Your ability to travel and where you travel might be hindered if you have a criminal past.

Restrict Travel to Certain Countries

Depending on the length of your trip and where you want to go, according to ETIAS, it is important to recognize which countries don’t allow convicted felons. Many countries require you to fill out a visa application before visiting, on the visa application they ask for your criminal history. Depending on the severity and how long ago the conviction has been, countries have the right to restrict you from visiting.

Recognize that each country has a different set of laws. If you have a criminal record with no convictions in the country you are traveling from, the country you are traveling to has the right to deem that record unsuitable based on their laws. This can also restrict your ability to visit different countries.

Prevent You from Renting a Car

Once you have arrived at your destination, you will need to figure out a method of transportation for the duration of your visit. For many, that means renting a car. However, if you have a previous run-in with the law, you will likely have difficulty obtaining permission to rent a car from a car rental company. For other driver’s safety and insurance purposes, a DUI will prohibit you from renting. Additionally, according to Lucy S. McAllister, possession of illegal drugs often has the same effect as a DUI.

Difficulty with Travel Accommodations

A final aspect to keep in mind is your travel accommodations. Just like how a host has the right to refuse your reservation, the reservation agency also has the right to prohibit you from reserving housing accommodations. According to Quartz, companies like Airbnb, Sonder, and Vrbo will run background and credit checks, which may result in a failure to book an accommodation. 

If you have a previous conviction, it will take more effort to plan your summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. There are plenty of places to travel to and many ways of staying and transporting yourself around a new area. Just be sure to enjoy your vacation —wherever you go—responsibly.

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