From My Travel Memories: Budget Backpacking Bangkok Trip
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Bangkok Thialand, Top 10 Place To Visit and Tour
Bangkok, Thailand is one of the best places to tour and visit!
Bangkok Thialand, Top 10 Place To Visit and Tour
Bangkok, Thailand is one of the best places to tour and visit!

From my Travel Memories: Budget Backpacking Bangkok trip

From my travel memories today I am going to share about a golden trip that I had a few years back. We had a group of friends looking for a budget holiday. We searched over the internet a lot but couldn’t find the exact theme we were looking. We want to freak out completely from our daily life. Therefore, we were looking for a Backpacking destination that has countless option to enjoy at a cheap price. We were also keen to visit any destination having amazing beaches, mouth-watering food, terrific nightlife, history and vibrant culture. Our requirement list was long to get it for a budget backpacking. Finally, we came to know about Bangkok that is in Thailand and an ideal place for a budget backpacking.

The kingdom of Thailand is one of the Southeast Asian countries and a world-famous budget backpacking destination. Anything and everything you need to see, do, eat, stay and enjoy, you get it here within your budget. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand where tourist gathers throughout the year. We need to book our flights to Bangkok International Airport also known the SUVARNABHUMI AIRPORT. Other than Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific Airways, almost all the airlines have their flights for Bangkok to make your budget backpacking successfully. There are various famous islands you can travel from Bangkok, but during our first visit, we decided to spend a few days only in Bangkok.

We always look for Visa information before we make any travel plan. We searched and discovered that Thailand provides 14 Days and 30 Days visas on arrival to tourist. It was clear that tourism was the largest industry in Thailand. The government has relaxed the visa criteria. It was easy for us to look for flights within our budget, and the options are plenty. We booked the overnight flight so that we reach an early morning and can start our activities without wasting any time. The currency of Thailand is Baht and 1 USD is equal to about 31 Thai Baht. We already booked the Bed Station Hostel, a perfect hotel for Backpackers for a comfortable stay in Bangkok.

Our flight was on time, and we landed Bangkok early morning around 6 am. There was a lengthy queue at the visa counter where the visa on arrival was getting stamped. For one person the cost was about 63 USD. It would be worthwhile to mention that to boost the Tourism. Sometimes government of Thailand runs a scheme to offer a free visa to citizens of selected countries. Backpackers like us are always lucky to have these kinds of offers for a budget backpacking.

Finally, we came outside the airport and stepped into the lively, full city of hustle bustle. We need to get to our hotel Bed Station Hostel, and we looked for a budget option. The hotel was located at a convenient place from the airport easily accessible by Train or Taxi. As this was our Budget Backpacking tour, we choose the train and the ticket was only 1 USD per person. It was a nice 30 minutes ride by train and we reached our destination.

We checked in to Bed Station Hostel before 10 am and lucky to catch for the breakfast buffet. After finishing our breakfast and getting fresh, we went outside looking for a Tuk-Tuk. Yes, that’s the best transport in Bangkok for any backpacker to travel around the city. Tuk-Tuk is basically a three-wheel colourful rickshaw available everywhere in Bangkok. We had our list ready in advance for the popular tours to be done in a budget backpacking, and we moved ahead.

We visited the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, a stunning place where we say men and women in traditional dress selling various things. They were sailing on the boats through a canal, and they have fresh fruits, handicrafts, etc. along with them. To visit this floating market, we took a boat and drove along the canal. The entire site was marvelous and ideal to take awesome pictures. We purchased a few of the handcrafted items after barging. We spend over an hour and after enjoying the atmosphere and the scenic beauty and came back to Bangkok.

Our next plan was to visit and explore the Bangkok City and temples. Buddhism is the religion practised in Bangkok and an ideal place to get inspired. There are some mesmerizing temples all along the Bangkok City. The temples are crafted with gold, and the WAT TRAIMIT was something remarkable we visited. This temple has a large gold spire and a statue of Lord Buddha made of solid gold, about 5 meters tall was placed inside. However, we were spellbound when we visited WAT TRAIMIT, as this temple holds the statue of the world’s largest reclining Buddha about 46m in length. There was a marble temple known as WAT BENCHAMABOPHIT, and we visited that too. We took an English-speaking guide with us as there are legends and history that needs to be explained and understood. We returned the hotel with some amazing intake from this tour.

We visited the Grand Palace as well as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha during this budget backpacking trip. These are the two commonly visited spots by any tourist. We want to keep ample time to shop as Bangkok is cheap in terms of shopping. There are gigantic malls and markets all over to shop. MBK mall is the biggest and the most popular shopping mall holding over 2000 shops. There are wide varieties of diversified products available from a budget perspective. From electronics, garments, luggage, bags, etc. you get all. We want to enjoy the rooftop lunch at Sky Restaurant which is located on the 84th floor of a large skyscraper, Baiyoke Sky Hotel. After enjoying a grand international buffet lunch we had the panoramic view of the entire city from the skywalk revolving roof deck on the 84th floor. The experience was splendid and we were spellbound.

We had also experienced a few Thai Message, but we reserved or relaxing journey for our returning visit to Thailand. We were sure that we would come back again exploring all the remaining attractions of Thailand like PATTAYA, CHIANG MAI, CHIANG RAI, KO SAMUI and KRABI. In order to reach all these places, we must hop via Bangkok, and every place holds its own unique set of attraction list. Our Bangkok budget backpacking trip came to an end with golden memories to cherish forever.

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