COVID-19 – A Game Changer
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COVID-19 – A Game Changer


I have come across many titles of blogs and vlogs in the past year that scared the hell out of me. COVID “this” and COVID “that” but I did not want to follow the norm. Yes! We are in the new normal and these new normal needs a new us. Its 2021 and we have been living with this pandemic for a year now. You can I have lost many things, be it job or loved ones . But the losses have definitely taught us lessons.

However, let me tell you mine. I have learned that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. Yes, this is a very cliché statement but think about it once and for all. We have been taught this virtue in our kindergarten or even before. But how much have we implemented it in our lives? I leave this question to you.

On the other hand,  I have even understood the value of the things I have access to. Let it be family or the facilities. It is surely after losing the closed ones, we realize that what importance they have in our lives. Whereas, the freedom to  travel the world. If you are reading this blog than I am sure that you are well aware of my fond of traveling. Perhaps, not being able to travel has made me cripple mentally.

Nevertheless, keeping everything aside let us look at the bright side of everything. I have been an optimist whereas, I do not want to let go off my trait. From the very beginning I have been stressing on the point of COVID being a “game changer” and this blog is all about that. Let’s dive into details and see what changes do we as travelers have to face while we step out of our safe boundaries.


Plan like never before

Covid-19 and staying safe!
Covid-19 and staying safe!

I have written many blogs about planning whereas, I myself have always planned intensively before heading to a destination. But this time planning an itinerary will be very different. Prior to the pandemic we did not have to think about health issues.

Perhaps, we would carry some of the essential meds and head on with a merry mood. But things are different now, you will have to go through the COVID detection examination before to board your plane. On the other hand, if you are a budget traveler then, you will have to keep this additional cost of examination in your list.


Track the destination’s rate of COVID-19 infection

It is not very important to have the proper information about the rate of infection. If COVID-19 rates are high then you will have a higher percentage of being affected. Dealing with COVID-19 is hard but it will become harder if you are in the far away lands.

On the other hand, places with high COVID-19 cases have over occupied hospital seats. Therefore, you might not receive the care that is needed. You can find information about the infection rate in the websites of local public health department. Perhaps, keep research on your to-do list of itinerary.


What’s your mode of travel? 

Mode of travel wasn’t a great matter of deal a year ago but it is now. According to the experts, driving is the safest mode of travel during this time. On the other hand, if you can reach your destination in a day with less human interaction. This might sound very robotic for travelers who love to expand and enjoy the journey but right now health should be the first priority.

You can even consider flying a safe option only if you maintain precautions. The airlines must ensure utmost safety of the passengers by maintaining sufficient distance, do not fill up all the seats and mask as a compulsory. For your personal safety you can even avoid having the meals provided by the airlines.


Decide wisely where you want to stay

Hotels and hostels were so easy to find back in the days when pandemic was just a word in the dictionary. But now you will have to be choosy about your accommodation. Do not opt for places where the management do not take cleaning seriously. However, the hotel chains are now paying special attention to clean their guest rooms and common places.

On the other hand, there are even hotels keeping rooms unoccupied for a day so that if there is virus in the air then it gets sufficient time to diminish. One of the most important things that you can do now is call the hotel you wish to stay beforehand and ask them about their precautionary measures.


Choose your eating options 

Having a safe meal is a matter of concern now. Experts of infectious diseases state that it is better to opt for takeaway or cook your own meal. Eating outdoor increases the risk of getting infected. On the other hand, you might not have the proper idea about how occupied a place can be. To make things more swift you can research for restaurants that provide takeaway.

Whereas, search for place that will allow you to cook your own meals. Perhaps, if you find that there lack of options then all you can do is maintain a safe distance and even check if the restaurant you are visiting is taking necessary steps to maintain cleanliness.


Pause for a while

Yes, PAUSE for a while on your vacation during this pandemic. While you are on your holidays after so long, there might be chances that you can feel taken away. On the other hand, it is very easy to feel that the limitations of regular life do not applies during vacation.

However, there is no magical protection while you are on vacations. However, you cannot keep your guards down while traveling. Along with so many changes, you should bear in mind that safety measures and cleanliness is the key.

Double check every action

“Precaution is better than cure”, you might have heard this statement a zillion times in the past year. But the importance of this statement is more than you think. While you pack your bags for your vacation keep on reevaluating your every turn.

On the other hand, try to keep “Plan B” ready a the time and do not hesitate to cancel your plans if you feel unwell. Remember that our health is now the first priority. Whereas, you can plan for vacation at anytime of you remain healthy.

These are some of the changes that should now be part of every itinerary. However, the big picture lies within every point that I discussed. “Precaution” it is. We should always remember that the fight is against the unseen enemy and being cautious in every move should be an everyday task.

I believe that for so long we have taken cleanliness as a minor virtue in life and this is what we are paying for. COVID-19 is a game changer in every sector of life and not only travel. Perhaps, let’s not think about the dark side of the story rather peep into the brightness.

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