Best Places to Visit in Iceland
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Best Places to Visit in Iceland Iceland Blue-Lagoon is one of the best places to visit in Iceland!
Iceland Blue-Lagoon is one of the best places to visit in Iceland!

Best Places to Visit in Iceland


If you want to have the best time in Iceland, you need to get the information up front before you travel. You need to get the most beautiful location prior to your travel to ease the choices when you finally land in the country. This a unique place in all the plant and you will be exposed to the wildest collections of landscapes and formations from steaming volcanoes to massive canyons. Other attractive places are hot springs, vodka bars, and fishing towns. You can unwind in the most exciting places to complete your vacation time and yearn for more of it. Here are some of the hot spots to choose;


1. The Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon provides you the luxury of enjoying a unique scenery of steam in rocky promontories. Located in the Reykjanes Peninsula 30 miles from the capital, the attraction attracts millions of tourists in a year. The rare active volcano is young and formed from leftover plugholes of the geothermal power plant during the 1970s. Moreover, the location surrounding the area doubles up as a tourist attraction thanks to its enchanting vegetation and waters, which hold a wide variety of organisms and minerals. The minerals are responsible for the shimmering in the waters to give it the whitish hue. It is famed to have healing powers and a spot for an in-water massage. Many guided tours to the area can be arranged with luxury standards.


2. The Witness Snaefellsnes Glacier and Volcano

If you are ready for the diverse landscapes of the country, you can take a trip to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. You will get a chance to see a variety of the massive glaciers and a myriad of other beautiful sceneries. Before you arrive, you will be entertained with many sites forcing you to stop. The Snaefeelsjokull is the best and popular spot of them all. It is home to a twin-peak glacier over a volcano. This amazing feature is surrounded by jagged lava fields and dramatic coastline on the three sides. This is a dear spot to the Iceland local community. Due to the demand and high attraction of visitors, the place was declared National Park in 2001.

The place is so popular that it has inspired a lot of literature locally. Fortunately, there are many planned guided tours to the area that you have a great and easy chance to get here. It is also affordable and well managed.


3. The Southern Beaches

Best Places to Visit in Iceland Icelands Sourthern Beach One of the Most fascinating sites in Iceland!
Icelands Sourthern Beach One of the Most fascinating sites in Iceland!

The South Coast is one of the most popular places for sightseeing in Iceland. Outside of the waterfalls and glaciers, the beaches are the unique and splendorous place to be. Due to the effect of erosion at the coast and melting of glaciers, the coastline has exposed a rocky and craggy terrain. The rest of the coastline around the country is filled with fjords. The glacial flooding on the south coast has ensured a flattened black sandy shore to explore. Beautiful Reynisdrangar emerges after the powerful sea waves beat at the dark sands to form basaltic pillars. They appear as trolls, which are frozen in the light of the morning sun; a scene you should not miss to capture. During summer, the area is surrounded by puffins and a great place to stroll especially since it is only a walking distance from the magnificent Dyrholaey. The lagoon is always filled with icebergs, which break from the glaciers before drifting back into the open sea. The waves push them back to the shore to form a mesmerizing and epic scene.


4. Whale watching in HUsavik

Icelandic waters are home to over twenty species of whale, dolphin, and porpoise. This makes it one of the best destinations to go whale-watching. The boat tours take enthusiasts from Reykjavik port and Akureyri for whale-watching in the open sea. You may choose to do this ashore as well especially at Westfjords in the small town of Husavik. This town is considered the capital of whale watching in Europe. It sits by the Skjalfandi Bay, which means exposure to aquatic life commonly available mostly during summer. You will be seeing rare sea creatures from harbor porpoises to humpback whales and white-beaked dolphins daily during the sunny months. If you are lucky, you will also spot an orca or blue whale among other rare species. Since this is the nesting season, you will also see the many birds migrating across Iceland.


5. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

This national park is located in the most remote parts of the country. It is no longer populated since the last people lived here before the 20th century. Eventually, Hornstrandir was abandoned due to its remoteness. It is wild and so remote that it is host to very few resilient people who survive the Highland weather. It is, therefore, home to many non-human residents who are adapted to live here. There are great green cliffs which rise as high as 500 meters above the sea. The vegetation and seabirds flocking the landscape add to its beauty. After isolating the place for over 100 years, the animals have taken over, but are friendly to humans as it to be grateful for leaving the land to them. You can interact even with foxes, which are not shy in the presence of humans.


6. The Asbyrgi Canyon

When you get to northeastern Iceland, you will get an amazing place called the Asbyrgi. The amazing canyon is so intricately formed that the locals relate its existence to divinity. It is known for its recognizable horse-shoe shape hence the myth of Odin’s eight-legged horse. It is alleged that the mythical horse set one of its foot on the ground and left its footprint in a massive depression. There are massive cliffs surrounding it and a plateau in the center for the best views and photographs. If you get close enough, you will notice the beauty of the valley from within. It is filled with thickets of birch, pine, and fir, among many other preserved trees. The Asbyrgi is so unique, you will not know you are in Iceland.

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