Best Cafes to Kick-Start Your Day in Bangkok
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Best Cafe's in Bangkok
Best Cafe’s in Bangkok

Best Cafes to kick-start your day in Bangkok


Humm, so, it’s Bangkok this time, correct? I’ll say you’ve made a fantastic choice as it reminded me, my Bangkok Backpacking experience, a couple of years back. Hey! Must you be one of those reading my blogs regularly? Cool! So, I wanna remind you about reading my Free E-Book, How to Travel the World For Free and subsequent e-book, How to save money to travel the world.

That’s not the end where I stopped. My latest publication is ready to be released, Destination  Guide – Southeast Asia, and guess what? Bangkok – the thrilling, fascinating, and cultural Thai Capital, breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Hold on! It is one of those beautiful Southeast Asian destinations that inspired me to become a digital nomad. How? Well, not today! That’s a long story, so keep reading my blog space.

So, What do you know about Bangkok, one of the most popular Thai cities? Modern cosmopolitan, tall skyscrapers, thrilling nightlife, loads of shopping, Thailand’s largest transit hub, and what else? I’ll tell you, my most significant discovery about this thriving cosmopolitan capital city of Thailand.

It’s not the Bristo scene of Bangkok that you might be thinking I’ll tell you about. Haha… It’s about the ‘expresso first’ scene or stunning cafes which attracted me. Do you know, Bangkok is a hub of growing cafe culture, why? It’s a backpacking paradise destination and a mecca for digital nomads, families, couples, and even gays.

Don’t you think all of them need a new joint to sit, relax, chat, and enjoy the quality and budget food too! These are a few of the reasons for the growing cafe culture in Bangkok, but we’ll learn more once we dive and find out the city’s best cafes.

Great! So, landed Bangkok and want to travel around? Kick-start your day by visiting these great Cafes or best cafes. Why they’re best? Let’s keep reading…

As I’m writing this article, I remember the finger-licking taste of Thai Food, and it’s all over Bangkok. The best way to get an overview is to start from the Cafes as you’ll find a wide choice of food and drinks.


Unlocking from my travel memories, over here is the list of best Cafes to kick-start your day in Bangkok.


Pooltime Cafe

I remember this place clearly as when I stepped inside, I find the interior cozy and extremely adorable. There are beautiful, fashionable chairs lined around. So, take a seat and enjoy delicious food and drinks. I also visited the Platinum Fashion Mall, one of the city’s famous mall, which is not more than thirty minutes away.


Stretsis Parlour

Well, it’s a luxurious cafe, I’d say as the floors were adorned by daisies. I clearly remember the beautiful ceilings, clearly visible, and the walls having bright illustrations. Great place to enjoy a gorgeous breakfast and kick-start your day in this thriving city.


Big Dog Cafe

It is one of the best sitting joints in the city. Atmosphere: Sensational and electrifying. What else? Don’t come back without stepping inside the Big Dog Café, one of the best cafes to visit and spend time in Bangkok. I’d some golden memories out there. Keep looking for my next Destination Guide on Southeast Asia, and you’ll more about my experience over here.


I remember two more new cafes where I visited, the Floral Café and ViVi The Coffee Place. Both are magnificent places to spend an evening and carry memories to cherish for long. Of course, I’ve got those and what about you?

Visit these Best Cafes to kick-start your day in Bangkok and post your comment below. I’ll love to hear back from all my readers.


It’s your ‘Lonely Stone’ signing off, but I’ll be back soon with a new article. 

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