Beach Holidays In The Dominican Republic
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Domincan Republic One of most facinating beaches
Domincan Republic One of most facinating beaches

Beach Holidays In The Dominican Republic 


Sometimes the constant stress we are subjected to while living and working in the city can take its toll, and we feel that we want to get away from the congested confines of the tightly packed buildings, the sight of traffic jams, and the general stoic and business-like manner of the people. You suddenly feel like an automaton in a hurly burly world and feel the wanderlust taking its hold on as you stare at the horizon. When one thinks of having a holiday, the most common phrase you’ll ever hear is ‘a trip to the Caribbean’ that it’s already considered a cliché. A trip to the Caribbean is one of the most sought-out holidays for some time now, especially during Dominican Republic holidays. The Dominican Republic is also a favorite destination during winter due to its magnificent beaches, laid back culture, lush vegetation, and fine weather.

The Dominican Republic constitutes most of the Caribbean island, and is replete with beautiful resorts, top-class hotels, and baroque historical landmarks. Aside from enjoying the sun in the beautiful beaches, you can also immerse yourself in the region’s rich culture – which has an interesting Hispanic twist to it!



If you are in a party mood, the Cabarete beach is the ideal destination for its festive atmosphere and big crowds. It’s where hip tourists go to, and where parties and events are held everyday. The vim of the waves also makes it ideal for surfers. And also be ready to tune up your dancing so that you can dance to the infectious beat of the merengue, the national dance of the Dominican Republic. Visit the chic resort bars in Punta Cana and you’ll find yourself mingled with fellow tourists and friendly locals. The Cabarete beach is simply where the action is!



For thrill seekers, a visit to the La Romana-Bayahibe Underwater Park presents you with an adventure diving for the shipwrecks that have a biological and cultural significance in the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana and the Sosua Beach is also a great site for snorkeling because of the coral reefs situated under the water. Windsurfing is one of the main attractions of the Dominican Republic. Cabarete is the premiere spot for this sport. In fact, it is the most popular location for windsurfing all over the world. The Cabarete bay and its surrounding areas provide the perfect conditions for both beginners and experts.



You can have a grand time with your family at the Ocean Park Marina, located on the north coasts of the Island of Hispaniola, by seeing the teeming variety of marine life like dolphins, sea lions, and sharks. The aquatic animals are extremely well trained (except for the sharks, of course) to provide great entertainment for the whole family.



If you want a more laid back atmosphere, and just bask in the serenity of the tropical seas, you can opt for the secluded beaches in the region. The romantic sunset on the El Morro Beach, located in the north-western corner of the Dominican Repubic, is a spectacular view to behold. Playa Montecristi is a perfect place to become solitary, and is popular to honeymooners all over the world.

Once you go back from your holidays in the Dominican Republic, the tan you have developed will soon fade away, but I assure you that the memories will stay.




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