Are You a Foodie? Here Are 3 Places You Need to Visit
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There is a wonderful variety of food to explore around the world. Everyone has to eat, but every culture develops its own way of satisfying that basic need. If you are a foodie who loves to try new tastes, here are 3 places to put on your travel itinerary.

Bangkok, Thailand

The food of Bangkok, Thailand is often divided into two categories: restaurant food and street vendor food. Many of the meals that you will find in restaurants are rice-based or noodle-based. You can find several variations on fried rice, from sweet pineapple fried rice to Thai fried rice with a mix of chicken and seafood. A signature flavor of Thai food is coconut milk, and you can find it in drinks, main courses and desserts. There is nothing like coconut milk ice cream on a warm day.

Some of the most adventurous dishes in Bangkok are freshly prepared by street vendors as meals or midday snacks. There are even street food tours to hep guide adventurous travelers. Fried chicken and fried fish cakes are especially popular. You will also discover a wide variety of fresh, steamed dumplings. Finish it all with a hot, sweet rice cake made right in front of you.

Los Cabos, Mexico

At the end of the Baja Peninsula you will find Los Cabos, Mexico, home to some of the finest dining in the country. There is an abundance of seafood to be found in Los Cabos that isn’t common in other parts of the world such as blood clams, sailfish and swordfish. A popular dish is the molcajete, a mix of assorted seafood and chiles served in a stone bowl. While Los Cabos is known for its gourmet dining, more restaurants are trying to incorporate authentic, local cuisine, so there are also a variety of traditional Mexican dishes available.

Stockholm, Sweden

Most people do not think of Sweden when it comes to culinary adventures, but Scandinavian food has its own simple charms. Authentic Swedish meatballs, or kottbullar, served with lingonberry relish mixes sweet and savory. Reindeer meat on a dark rye bread, especially served with a spicy mustard, gives a new meaning to the basic deli sandwich. While you expect fish to be a staple in a country with many miles of coastline, you may not expect the popularity of crayfish. While you are in Stockholm, try to get invited to a local crayfish party. Finally, you will have ample opportunity to enjoy Swedish pastries prepared by local bakers.

Our world is full of wonderful flavors. The only way to truly experience them is to enjoy them in their native countries. Travel not only expands the mind but also the palate.

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