Amazing things to do in Mauritius
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Southern Africa Mauritius Classic & Safari
Southern Africa Mauritius Classic & Safari

Amazing things to do in Mauritius


Mauritius is a fascinating island that is located off the southeast coast of African continent in the Indian Ocean. It is a very popular place for honeymoon destination and it is also a luxury spot for celebrities all over the world.

Whenever the name Mauritius comes to your mind, your mind conjures up pictures of a tropical island with amazing beaches that is covered with azure waters and golden sands. Though the island is not so big but it has so many dimensions and varieties which cannot be described in words.

Mauritius is one of those places which are known as heaven on earth. Apart from the beaches there are many more to explore in this tiny island such as historic spots, parks, activities and incredible forests. Trust me you won’t run out of things to do in Mauritius.



1.  Go to Port Louis first

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and it is the biggest city also. This city should be the first place to visit in Mauritius. You won’t be able to cover the whole city within one day as there are so many things to do and places to visit.

If you are a foodie then firstly you can visit the picturesque central market or bazaar. Here you will get lovely foods, locally grown vegetables, local spices and products, crafts, arts, souvenirs and so on. And one more thing, you will get the cheapest cloths of Port Louis in here.

Get the best attire of yours and visit the Champ de Mars racecourse which is the second oldest race course in the southern hemisphere. You will enjoy the amazing atmosphere of this race course.

You can also visit the Port Louis Theatre. Port Louis is one of the best places to visit that has great culture and traditions.


Southern Africa pond-sir-seewoosagur-ramgoolam-botanical-garden-mauritius
Southern Africa pond-sir-seewoosagur-ramgoolam-botanical-garden-mauritius

2.  Visit the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden

It is one of the best botanical gardens in the world. This botanical garden is also known as the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. This is a very large botanical garden that covers almost 60 acres of land.

There you will find a number of varieties of palm trees. You will find many eye soothing features in this botanical garden including big lily ponds with frogs and tadpoles, lakes with big turtles and lots of fish, fruit trees where bats are hanging from the trees and so on.


3.  Deep Sea Fishing

In Mauritius you must try deep sea fishing as it is one of the most popular things to do.

There are lots of species of big fishes in the sea such as yellow tuna, black and blue marlin, varieties of sharks and barracuda, and lot more.

In February-March the Marlin World Cup is held here which is a competition of deep sea fishing. Almost every hotel has there fishing boats. So, if you want to take an experience of a lifetime you should try deep sea fishing.


Southern Africa Casela Nature Park Zip Line! The zip line will fly you over the park.
Southern Africa Casela Nature Park Zip Line! The zip line will fly you over the park.

4.  Casela Nature Park Zip Line

If you are a thrill and adventure lover than you should try the zip line of Casela Nature Park. The zip line will fly you over the park and you will have a different view from the sky. Casela Nature Park is a mix park of adventure and safari.

This is surely not for the ill-hearted people, but for the thrill loving people the scenery from this zip line will be heavenly. There are varieties of zip line including singles, doubles and quadruples which means you can enjoy the zip line single or with your partner or in a group as well. In quadruples four people can go at a time.


Mahebourg, Africa When you are going to this side you will witness some fascinating scenery
Mahebourg, Africa When you are going to this side you will witness some fascinating scenery

5.  Visit Mahebourg to Experience Local Culture

Without visiting the south section of the island which is undeveloped your Mauritius tour will be incomplete. To experience the local culture you need to visit this place.

This place is not very popular among tourists as it has no beach and it is also undeveloped. You will find the true Mauritian life by visiting this side as most of this place is still untouched.

When you are going to this side you will witness some fascinating scenery and few wildest landscapes of the country. You can see the lle aux Aigrettes that is the Mauritius attraction, magnificent Lion Mountain and last but not least the Mahebourh town at the time of your visit.

Mahebourg is one of the main fishing villages of Mauritius which is located in the incredible Grand Port Bay. There is a market in this little town which is known as Market of Mahebourg where you will find fresh fish, tropical vegetables and fruits, local spices, local arts and crafts and so on.


6.  Blue Bay Marine Park

To enjoy the most adventurous scuba dive you need to visit the Blue Bay Marine Park. The Blue Bay Marine Park is one of the most famous spots to visit in Mauritius as it has the most amazing beaches with crystal clear waters. After visiting this place I’m quite sure that you will want to spend most of your time to this place.

In Blue Bay you can do so many things such as scuba dive, surf, sail, snorkel and many more water sports you wish to do. If you want to take a sunbath with a tropical drink in your hand than this is the perfect place in Mauritius you want to visit.


7.  Soothing Chamarel’Eye s Magnificent Landscape

You must visit the magnificent Chamarel in Mauritius to see the colorful soils. This place is full of amazing landscape with multicolor soils.

You will see green, blue, red and yellow soil in this place which is the result of the erosion of volcanic ash.

Another attraction of this place is the waterfall that is blended in nature. For sightseeing afternoon is the best time and at night you should stay there to enjoy the local cuisine. You can enjoy the sun set over Le Morne.


8.  Visit Caudan Waterfront

There are lots of place in Caudan Waterfront to visit. It is located in the Port Louis the capital of Mauritius. It is normally a meeting place for locals and couples. You can enjoy shopping in here as it has an amazing shopping center.

There are lots of street entertainers which you will enjoy surely. This place is full of entertainment including a kiddyland, varieties of food for foodies and some unique shops.

You can visit many historical places in this Waterfront such as The Stamp Museum, Blue Penny Museum, and the Mauritius Natural History Museum.



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