All You Need to Know About the Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee, USA
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The Bell Witch Cave of Tennessee, There are many haunting and ghost tales
The Bell Witch Cave of Tennessee, There are many haunting and ghost tales

All You Need to Know About the Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee, United States


The Bell Witch Cave is a famous karst cave located in Adams, Tennessee, United States. The Cave is situated at the place near where the Bell Farm once stood. There are many haunting and ghost tales heard in American History and the Bell Witch is one of them. One of the facts is that the Bell Witch took refuge in the Cave when she had stopped haunting the Bell Family.

The Cave is opened for tourists on Saturdays and Sundays in May. From June through labor day, the Cave is opened for only four days; Thursdays to Sundays. This truly haunted attraction extends its hours during the last two weeks of October for the Bell Witch Festival, which offers guests the opportunity to take tours in the candlelight of the cabin and the Cave or embark on hay bewitched by the property after dark.


Photo 1 credits: Karla Harper Bailey.

The Bell Witch Cave
The Bell Witch Cave at what it looks like


The Story Behind the Bell Witch Cave

 The Bell Witch’s story is very famous for its scary tales and what happened to the bell family back in the 1800s. It is believed that John Bell used to live there with his family, and he, along with his daughter Betsy, was tortured by the witch for many years mainly because the witch wanted to kill John for an unknown reason.

It was in the summer of 1817 when Bell’s family started noticing paranormal activities happening to them. Some saw horrible looking animals around their home while others heard strange sounds of knocking the doors in the middle of the night. When things went out of hand for Bell’s family, they had to inform their neighbors. Among them, James Johnson was the first to know about the horrible things happening to the family and suggested to find out the reason behind whatever was happening.

According to some sources, the witch wanted to kill John for some unknown reasons. However, the witch was after his daughter Betsy as soon as she was engaged to her boyfriend, Joshua Gardner. Even after they called off their engagement due to the increasing torture, the witch didn’t leave Betsy’s side and abused her in several ways, including slapping her face or pulling her hair often. Imagine being pushed or hit by an invisible hand, not even knowing the reason. How terrifying must that be?

Betsy’s father, John, was tortured in horrendous ways. Months before his death, his tongue swelled, he became too weak even to get up and eventually died after fighting his illness for long. According to a source, he was poisoned by the witch as a bottle of liquid was found near his bed. The witch took the credit of his death and promised to leave and return after seven years. In 1828, the witch did return for some time. She stayed in Bell’s home and had a chat with him about the past and the future. She went back again and told to return in 107 years that was 1935, but people say that the witch never returned in the first place. She was always present there as people noticed strange things happening even after many years of John’s death.

Witches Never Die

As they say, witches never die, and even after thousands of years, you can feel them wandering around the haunted places. Though people haven’t experienced many paranormal activities there, one of the bloggers shared his experience. He mentioned that he used to live in Pleasant View, TN, that was just a few miles away from the Cave. Children used to play a game where they had to say “I love the Bell Witch” while looking into the mirror. Though the witch never appeared in front of them, he saw children who played the game with minor wounds and scratches when they would come to school. Another story that is too popular is about president Andrew Jackson. He visited the farm before he became the president and stayed their overnight to see the witch or spirit if they ever existed. He was quoted saying, “I’d rather face the entire British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch”. Only God knows what happened to him there, as no sources revealed anything further about the incident.


Photo 2 credits: Rachel Maniaci

The farm is open for visitors who are into haunted places and paranormal activities.
The farm is open for visitors who are into haunted places and paranormal activities.


Tour to The Bell Witch Cave

The farm is open for visitors who are into haunted places and paranormal activities. We cannot say that things still happen there, but we should not deny the fact that it was home to a witch which might be around you somewhere when you visit. You have to buy a ticket to the Cave and cabin that will cost you about $8 for the cabin and $12 for the Cave. However, if you want to visit both, the ticket is only $18. You can buy your tickets from here. If your inner self allows you, you can also opt for the tours at midnight, but beware; you might experience any unexpected and scary encounter.


Bell Witch Fall Festival

What’s a better way to experience the story of the famous Bell Witch? The festival happens every year in Adams, TN. The festival features History of the witch, stories along with music and food. The great storytellers from the TN gather for the famous and most loved Red River Tales. Join the party in the afternoon and enjoy free music and shows. To check the tickets’ prices and opening hours, stay tuned to this site.

The Bell Witch Cave is a must-see destination for those brave-hearted people who want to get into the Halloween spirit even before Halloween. Not all things about this place are scary. Once you reach the site, you can witness the surreal and natural setting where the Cave and cabin are situated. You can also paddle down a section of the Red River and return to Bells through a shuttle bus.

If you are planning a trip to the United States, we recommend you to add the Bell Witch Cave in your list. There are many other haunted places to see in the United States, such as West Virginia Penitentiary and Saint Louis Cemetery.

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