A prototype of Venice: Villaggio Mall Qatar
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Villaggio Mall Qatar of Venice
Villaggio Mall Qatar of Venice

A prototype of Venice: Villaggio Mall Qatar


I love shopping, and it remains as my unconditional love. Whenever I get a chance, I peep over the window of all branded shops and do shopping. No, it is not window shopping always, and I do real shopping too. In this article, I am sharing with all of you an amazing shopping experience of my life which I could never forget. There are many top places in the world where people like to tour and travel, Qatar is also one of them. Honestly speaking I did not have a legacy yet to explore Qatar, the great gulf country hosting the 2022 FIFA world cup. However, I had a unique experience that I want to share with all of you.

It was precisely the month of January, and I was returning back after completing my trip to Amsterdam. For some reason, my scheduled flight got cancelled and I had to take a transit flight via Qatar. As I was getting an opportunity to touch down a new country, I started researching immediately. I read many phenomenal facts about the great gulf nation Qatar. Few of them are…


1.  The richest country on Earth with over $127,000 GDPs!

2.      Hosting country for the FIFA 2022 World Cup

3.   Has a palm-shaped artificial island

4.   Ranked among the 32nd happiest country in the world

5.   Has a shopping mall built by Venetian architecture?


I was extremely excited to know all these amazing facts. I decided to travel to Qatar for a complete vacation sometime later in the year. I was fortunate meeting Henry sitting next to me who lives in Qatar. I asked Henry a lot about the country and got fascinated to know about Qatar’s significant economic growth. Out of curiosity, I asked, “Is there any shopping mall build by Venetian architecture?” Harry unanimously replied yes and it’s Villaggio Mall Qatar. I was really excited as I know I could easily manage out few hours outside the airport. The best option is to go shopping in the legendary mall which seems to be a true wonder.


I came out from the HIA Airport Qatar and took an airport taxi taking me directly to the Villaggio Mall Qatar. The mall building from outside looks like any shopping mall of the world, but who knows it holds a wonder! I stepped inside the Villaggio Mall Qatar from gate number 5 and said “Oh my God!” I am back at the Floating City Venice. I really missed Venice science I am back. Villaggio Mall Qatar seems to fulfil my hidden desire too. There is an identical waterway exactly made with a similar prototype of the Grand Canal Venice. This divides the mall into two half, exactly the same way the Grand Canal divided the Venice City. Enthusiastic visitors queued along to take the gondola ride. No, it is not Venice, and it is inside the Villaggio Mall Qatar through its 150-meter long canal. The ticket was only $4 USD but the ride refreshed all my memories from my Venice Backpacking. Actually, I forgot that I loved shopping because the beauty of the Villaggio Mall Qatar mesmerized me. Along with locals, I find many international tourists all around the place. I realized how fortunate I was to land in Qatar. This gave me the unique opportunity of exploring such a wonderful place, no one could ever imagine.


I spend several hours watching the picturesque beauty of the mall. The walkways and each small construction are just a carbon copy of the great city of Venice. There are unlimited options for shopping too from many world-class brand retailers. I tried the “Chelo Kabab” at Villaggio Mall Qatar food court. My entire experience was hypnotizing. I am definitely coming back to Qatar soon, what is your plan?

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