48 Hours of Thrills and Excitement in Los Angeles!
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48 hours of Thrill & Excitement in Los Angeles


Image of Los Angeles California Just part of the City!
Image of Los Angeles California Just part of the City!

Exploring USA to the fullest and visiting different places is a fascinating thing that one can do. Especially California is the most famous state in the USA. If you plan to visit California, then a perfect 48 hours trip to Los Angeles is a must.

The beauty of the place is so eye-catching and unique that every traveler wants to Los Angeles once. But when it comes to travel the whole country, one has to spend fewer days in every city or state. Here we are giving a complete guide on how you can explore Los Angeles in just 48 hours.


Two days journey to Los Angeles

Day 1:

♦ ·        On the first day, start your journey with relaxation in the hotel and having a beautiful breakfast at your table. A refreshing journey always starts from a refreshing starting. One can book the ticket at any place in Los Angeles as per their budget. There are a lot of hotels available, from mid-range categories to 7 stars.

Griffith Observatory, Mount Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - aerial view
Griffith Observatory, Mount Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA – aerial view

♦ ·        Move forward to Griffith park to enjoy the thrill of Hiking. If you are an adventure Traveler, then we recommend this place is a must to visit in Los Angeles.

♦ ·        Explore the beautiful electric streets of Hollywood. have a visit to the Fame of Chinese theatre. Stop there at local restaurants or vendors and have lunch in the noon.

♦ ·        No one can visit Pacific Park arcade games to enjoy with your family and friends and have some relaxing time in the evening.

♦ ·        At night you can end your day at restaurants having delicious delicacies of the country.

Day 2:

♦ ·        After finishing an exciting first day in Los Angeles, now move forward to enjoy the breakfast on the second day at Malibu.

The Getty Center Museum of Los Angeles California
The Getty Center Museum of Los Angeles California

♦ ·        After having breakfast move forward to the buzzy museums of Los Angeles. To know the history of any place, the best place is to visit the museum. You will be able to know a lot of things about their culture and history.

♦ ·        After flooring, the museums move forward to the central market of Los Angeles and have lunch with your family and friends. Moving forward, one can explore the sight scenes of the famous monuments as per their interest. One can select the monuments and book the tickets after discussing them with your tour guide.

♦ ·        Now move forward towards the bars of Los Angeles and enjoy the finest drinks and wines. There are many bars and famous clubs where you can enjoy, have snacks and make your evening beautiful. Visiting bars of Los Angeles is preferred with friends.

♦         Apart from spending these thrilling two days in Los Angeles, there are a lot of things that you can do. One can modify their journey as per their interest and have a conversation with your tour consultant. Your tour guide will tell you the best ways to enjoy yourself with your family and friends in Los Angeles and have a proper itinerary.


Are two days being enough to explore Los Angeles?

If you visit Los Angeles only then, we will suggest you spend four days and five nights, but having a complete trip in California for all the states of us then two days is enough.

The logic behind both the answers is time management and trip organization. When you are going on long trips, you should visit the best places in all the States. Short trip to a single place then you can explore the city entirely with spending more days. Rest it is the traveler’s choice that how they want to distribute the number of days in each city.


Explore the place with Thrill and Excitement:

So now you have a complete itinerary to Los Angeles and a guide to explore the place and 48 hours. If you have any doubt about choosing the places, search it on the internet and make a list. Book all the tickets and room reservations in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

It will be the most exciting and thrilling journey with family and friends. There are many to do in the place and make your trip most memorable. Capture the memories in your camera and enjoy them while seeing them once you are back from the trip.





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